The backstory

I have been fascinated by sequential art for as long as I remember. Oddly, I have never been an avid comic reader; it is the format of sequential art and its untapped potential that captivate me. 

Since I was 5 years-old, I would draw sequential sketches that narrate stories on notebooks. That was even before I learned any language or knew what ‘comics’ were. By 12 years-old, I had made over a hundred of these rudimentary comic books.

Eleven years later in 2003, I self-published my first title, Anima: Age of the Robots. Self-publishing was much harder back then; there was no print-on-demand technology and few distributors were willing to talk to individuals. 

Nevertheless, I managed to get Anima carried in major Singapore bookstores. Its webcomic gained international readership over the next five years. 

I created and published several other titles in the following years. Each new project was quite experimental and different from the last. There was just one common goal: to express a powerful message that anyone from any era can understand.   

I’m glad to have the opportunities to continue creating, in spite of full-time work and mounting personal commitments. Hopefully, new projects will continue to debut on this site!